The Adult Stories of Dragavan
Outside of all my work on game design (see Dragavan Games and Land of Karn) and writing other stories (like Infinite Story CYOA stories and Fantasy Stories set in Karn) and generally messing around on the net (like on twitter as Dragavan), I tend to like to write naughty stories about sex and nudity. Many of these can be found "hidden" on my fake university's site (Central U, just get Truth Girl's help to find them all) but the rest tend to get scattered around the net on various sites (see External Links Page). This site was designed to be a place for all of these other stories (although not all the Central U ones) to be collected and easily found.

This site contains stories filled with Adult Language and Situations (including any or all of the following: stripping, nudity, sex, humiliation, incest, BDSM, exhibitionism, swearing, and even possibly violence). If any of these things offend you, do not continue to read and close this site now. If you do not heed this warning, you have nobody to blame but yourself, so don't complain when you are offended by something on this site.

Sure, a lot of what is here may seem rather immature and silly to some of you, but it is not meant for those who are actually immature, just those who may act or feel that way (at least sometimes). If you are not old enough to view adult content (18 in the United States, but your country may vary) you should also close this site now and go find something more appropriate for your age group.


The earliest of these stories have their origins in my late high school years, with the first drafts being written about girls I had crushes on or even fantasy girls from movies and magazines (like Playmate Brandy Brandt). These were very active writing years for me, with over 80 of these stories being written just between 1991 and 1995. None of these early stories were ever seen by anyone, mostly because they used the real names of people I knew, but when I started to have more contact with the internet (back in the days of IRC being king and when websites were not common) I started to rewrite some of them to be read by others. These rewrites also often involved changing the names and some details to hide the identities of those who were in them.

Not all the stories have been rewritten this way, mostly because I have hundreds of them, and not all those that have been were improved much by it. Those that I am least ashamed of the writing quality in were added to this site when it opened (any newer stories I am writing are also added as I go), but the rest are slowly being rewritten and added as I go. Eventually they should all be finished and added here. Many of the ones that are going to be most difficult to do are the ones involving family or close friends, since they require the most work to keep the identities hidden from any close friends or family that may come across these stories without ruining or greatly altering the stories.

If you know of a story, or see a series here that you know there are more chapters or parts of, that you really want to see continued, then let me know by commenting or tweeting me and I will be more likely to work on that one sooner than others. Also, if you have any questions about existing stories, feel free to ask me in the comments or on Twitter too.

Story Series Collections
These are longer stories that are broken into several parts, either Episodes of the same characters or sets of stories that belong in the same universe. Stories that have one simple sequel or two may not fall into this category, only larger collections that span through numerous stories tend to get their own section.

Cabin Fever: Large collection of stories about a group of friends who discover they love to screw around with each other.
Days in the Dorm: Tales of a lucky guy who ends up with a female roommate in college and the trouble they get into.
Lilly's Games: Incestuous tales about a father and daughter who discover a new life together that neither of them saw coming.
Reunion: Stories about a guy who reunites with a couple sisters he hasn't seen since he was back in high school.
Star Fuck: Parody stories of all the crews of all the ships and stations throughout the long history of the whole Trek franchise.
Central U Stories: Some of the text-only stories I wrote for the Central U website.

Novel-Length Stories
When a story needs to be broken into numerous chapters and becomes long enough to be called a novel (or at least a novella) it falls into this category (casually categorized as anything 20,000 words or longer). These are relatively rare, since long-form erotic stories usually require much more plot and planning, but I seem to be writing more and more of these as time goes on.

My Holiday At Home: A stand-alone Central U story about a girl who finds out her family is going to make her vacation unbearably embarrassing.
Nature's Way: A stand-alone story about how a camping trip with friends turned into a naked weekend of fear and love in the woods.

The Cabin Fever Collection contains many stories (including several novel length ones).
The Lilly's Games Series also contains many stories (most of which are novel length).

General Stories
These are shorter stories that do not belonging to a specific longer series and are not long enough to be broken into numerous chapters (usually becoming novel-length works at that point). Some of these may have sequels or basic links, but not enough to move them into the other categories.

California Girl: A teen has an evening of unexpected pleasure in the arms of his cousin's beautiful new girlfriend.
Christmas At The Mall: A young girl gets a job working for Santa at the mall and has some embarrassing trouble.
The Farm House: A city boy on vacation at a friend's house in the country has a night of fun with their farm girl visitor.
Jail Bait: A story about a step-brother and sister who come together in a night of secret passion when the parents are out.
Just Playing Along (ASN version): This is a short story about slowly stripping a girl while she plays a game.
Kissing Cousins: The story of two cousins who return to their childhood "playing doctor" roots and beyond.
Midnight Fantasy: A fantasy of mine from my High School years, about my sister's friend coming over.
Secret Cabin: A male hiker comes across a small cabin deep in the woods inhabited by two lovely young ladies.
Too Cool For School: Story of a girl who thinks she cool because she can't turn down a dare, but it gets her in trouble.

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